Mentoring Board (English Edition)

The Mentoring Board is a canvas-like resource to facilitate Mentoring processes with a minimal order, goals, practice strategy, and a working plan.

Download PDF: Printable Mentoring Board

Usage is simple and mostly self-explained in each of the Board sections.

The middle section (Path) is a graphical sequence to reflect the current status of the process, where the Mentee is gradually observing, helping, collaborating, practicing with support, and finally working with autonomy. Mentor and Mentee can keep crossing or checking each section when they have a consensus that each stage is over and they moved to the next.

This is, in my opinion, one of the more important things to be aware in a Mentoring Process. One of the most common problems I see in the field is a lack of an explicit agreement about the Mentor trust in the Mentee ability to perform independently, or the Mentee perception of their own ability to take responsibility on the task.

As always with these kind of resources, it is not an exhaustive tools, and it does not guarantee any results. Its purpose is to help reaching an agreement, monitor progress, and have a basic tool to inspect and adapt.

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